The Story

I'm Ty, the founder of Sworn to Serve, Active Duty Air Force for the last 14 years. I first spent 8 years loading missiles/bombs on awesome aircraft, retrained into a Manpower Analyst (think the Bob's from Office Space), and now serving as a Force Support Officer. It's been a helluva ride.

Way back in the day I attempted to go to college for art...that didn't work out hence joining the USAF, but now I am scratching the creative itch through these designs you see on the site. This all started as an entrepreneurial adventure in December 2020.

Being passionate about serving our country, I had the idea to create this brand based around all the random jargon and banter that we have in our military, veteran, & 1st responder communities.

Please let me know if you would have an idea that resonates within your line of duty and we'll get it designed and ready to rep!